•December 2, 2007 • 3 Comments

is there anything more real than reality?

is there anything sweeter than poetry?

i’ve tasted regret, it was so bitter!

but i’ve learned to cook well,

and it’s tasting a whole lot better,

i’ve held hands for a moment,

with the perfect person,

i can still feel him,

i live the unperfect life,

in the unperfect world,

full of unperfect people,

i often wonder why i was put here on earth,

“man, what am i here for!”

i’ve never sang this song, with its words unsearchful,

sometimes i can’t forgive,

’cause i’ve never been a hero,

i’ve been afraid to live life, and yet not live at all,

i had a spirit, it was alive,

i was young and starry eyed,

I still can’t remember when i died,

this place is filled with voices of ten thousand people,

Sometimes i think i must, ’cause i can almost touch you,

blow me the dust,

it’s one thing i wont have to show you,

to laugh, to cry,

to forgive, to fly,

to dance, to sing,

to forget what hinders, and questions like why,

to just believe, the simple heard truth,

and just keep writing, not looking for proof,

is there anything more real………..?

I am sunshine

•November 24, 2007 • 3 Comments

I am sunshine,
you are rain,
i know you’re not mine,
i feel you like pain,
where’s your silver lining,
your storm clouds are not in vain,
i can feel you smiling,
you’re my tear drops,
time & time again,
i don’t know what love is,
i don’t know what life is,
i just need this moment,
to wrap my words around it,
to capture you for a bit,
and know deep in, i mean it,
if what is real has been created,
i’m not afraid to dream it,
to speak it, to be it,
reaching into the deepest heart,
to the place from where all emotionals flow,
seve not my words,
just take them as they are,
i’ll never forgive the lover you are……

Latest drawing

•November 3, 2007 • 2 Comments

Niiya’s drawing


•October 22, 2007 • 1 Comment

 My Adventure. “Eyes wide open, hope not forgotten”, No one has the answers, Sometimes it’s all a big blur, But i still wanna love a little more, ’cause every little counts, “Risks are for taking, Rules are for breaking”, Where do you run when your heart is racing? When it skips a beat, When your whole body starts shaking, It’s a secret place, A lover’s refuge, So let’s not hear what hurts our ears, Or breaks our hearts, If you’re happy and half crazy, Your gifts are treasures, In ways that will never be forgotten, More amazing than stars colliding, And waterfalls enchanting, Your laughter is music to my heart, It lights up the darkest corners of my existence, Your thoughts about me are beautiful, I’m in awe, You’re the life that i will know, A love story in the making……………… Courage ’til the next chapter, “Eyes wide open, hope not forgotten”. Yours truly, Niiya

Your Love – 3:37 12/10/2007

•October 13, 2007 • 6 Comments


Your Love – 3:37 12/10/2007

Your love reminds me
I’m unperfected,
’cause I’m afraid to take my
Eyes off you,
’cause I’m jealous for your
’cause i get so greedy for
Your affection,
’cause i get so impatient,
And it hurts to be without you,
’cause if the truth would keep
Me from you,
I would create a 1000 lies,
Your love scorns human nature,
’cause i would kill for the love
Of you,
’cause i would rather die,
Than ever live without you,
’cause i bleed you,
I scream you, to the point that
I almost worship you,
’cause you’re everything I’m not,
We’re so much alike, so much that
We differ,
’cause i fell so hard @ the fallout,
I need more than you can learn to give,
Your love reminds me that i’m fragile,
’cause i break with every rhyme you
Write or speak,
Your love is the friend i never really knew,
My make believe,
My burden, my clue,
It sets my passions ablaze,
’cause if i can’t feel the Lover,
I imagine he is you,
Your love reminds me of all my shortcomings,
And it’s so perfect, I could never be
Worth it,
This same love reminds me
That i am trusting you,
But when i risk my sanity,
It makes me the big fool,
If love begets love,
Let’s make this quick and painless,
Your love, dear friend, is a shadow,
More so than i think you like
To know……….
Let’s redefine beautiful.

Yours truly, Niiya

Here with me

•September 12, 2007 • 2 Comments

it’s so easy to cry,

and let the tears just flow,

and often times i feel,

i cant go on,

givin up is easy for anyone,

you told me not to worry ,

told my heart be strong,

but sometimes i get weary,

i just wanna go home,

sometimes i get weary,

i just wanna go home.

when life has dealt you bad,

and the worst is all you see,

you told me,heart dont you worry,

your home is here with me….